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 Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished)

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PostSubject: Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished)   Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished) EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 12:33 am

Description: Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished) Commission__Kenta_Tatsumaki_by_mongrelssister
Name: Kenta Tatsumaki (Kumo's Lightning Flash)
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 230lbs
Village: Kumogakure
Gender: Male
Bloodlimit: None
Rank: Jounin

Character Depth

History: Born in the village of Kumogakure, Kenta was raised to be a shinobi from birth. With the death of his mother by illness at an early age he grew up with only his father to shown him the ways of life. After special training from his father he learned many strong lightning based jutsu and quickly raised through the ranks. On his first mission as a Chuunin he went out with his father to protect a wealthy merchant as they made their way to the Land of Water. They were ambushed along the way and his father was killed in battle causing Kenta to hold a strong grudge against any shinobi from Kirigakure.

Personality: He is usually very stern and has little room for humor. Kenta believes in rules wholeheartedly and believes those who don't act like a perfect shinobi are beneath him.

Likes: Training, Learning new jutsu, Spicy Foods.

Dislikes: Slackers, Rule Breakers, and Shinobi from the Hidden Mist.

Goals: To become strong enough to destroy Kirigakure alone.

Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased)

Clan: None

Organization: None

Bloodlimit History: None

Fighting Details

Chakra Elements: Lightning and Water

Strongest Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Weakest Jutsu Type: Genjutsu

Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Exploding Kunai, Flash Bombs.

Supplies: Blank Scrolls, Metal Wire, and three Ninja Pills.


Type of Summoning: Animal, Black Bear
Name of Summoning: Freya
Rank: A ranked summon
Battle Type: Offensive
Other: The only female out of the three. She is the strongest and also the leader.

Type of Summoning: Animal, Black Bear
Name of Summoning: Raiga
Rank: A ranked summon
Battle Type: Balanced
Other: Raiga is the fastest one in the group and is good at both attacking and defending. He is Kenta's favorite summon and has a good relationship with him.

Type of Summoning: Animal, Black Bear
Name of Summoning: Teddy
Rank: B ranked summon
Battle Type: Defensive
Other: While Teddy is the largest one in the group he is also the slowest and weakest. Easily three times the size of Kenta he specializes in defensive moves. Teddy is the only one in the pack that can't speak and resembles a large stuffed animal.

Blood Limit History: None

Jutsu List

D Ranked Jutsu: (Genins and higher may use these)

C Ranked Jutsu: (Genins and higher may use these)

B Ranked Jutsu: (Chuunin and higher may use these)

A Ranked Jutsu: (Jounin and higher may use these)

S Ranked Jutsu: (Jounin and higher may use these)

Forbidden Jutsu: (Only those ranked Kage may use these)

Other: (For jutsu without a rank)

Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished) Minato-Sign

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Kenta Tatsumaki (unfinished)
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