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 Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Character Creation Rules EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 12:27 pm

Forgot to put these up before, so here they are. Not really so much rules as just guidelines.

1: You do NOT need to wait for your characters to be approved before you start roleplaying with them. I say this because sometimes I will be busy and won't be able to get on everyday. If me or a moderator tell you that you need to change something on your characters bio then you need to change it before you continue to roleplay though. No exceptions.

2: Unlike other sites, I will allow the use of Uchiha's on here. As long as there is no God-Modding then one eye ability doesn't make much of a difference. No Mangekyou Sharingan unless you pass a certain test though. Only the best shinobi get that. By the way only Konohagakure shinobi get to be Uchiha, unless they are missing-nin or if they have an implanted eye.

3: I have to say no Rinnengan though. Sorry, maybe this will change but there was only one Rinnengan at a time and it only appeared twice in history. If everyone started to have it then it would just be overboard.

4: Be realistic with the amount of jutsu you give your person. A genin won't know every single D, and C ranked jutsu and a Jounin won't know all the A ranked ones either. Choose wisely because while there is no set number as to how many you can have there will be a personal limit that I or Moderators will have when looking at bio's.

5: If creating a Kage then make sure to ask me for permission. There are only 5 spots open and they will fill up quickly.
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Character Creation Rules
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