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 The General Rules

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The General Rules Empty
PostSubject: The General Rules   The General Rules EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 6:14 pm

The Basics

Okay, so I'm a pretty easy going guy but I can't just let everyone run around doing whatever they want. There need to be laws in a shinobi world or else everyone would just kill each other willy-nilly... So yeah, here they are.
  1. No Arguing In The Boards. Period. If you want to yell and scream at each other in private messages them do so to your little hearts content but keep it there. That includes the chatbox as well, I will have zero tolerance for any chatbox brawls. Don't take this as, "I can say whatever I want in private messages and not get in trouble" because if you harrass another member you will get punishment according to the crime. An argument is a two way street, which means if the other person wants to drop it then drop it.
2. No God-Modding. This one seems obvious but I'll post it anyway. Yeah, just don't do it. Nobody likes it when it happens and it's really just a way to earn a bad reputation. For those of you who don't know what God-Modding is, it's when someone makes it impossible to hit their character or controls the actions of another members characters without permission. An example would be *Naruto aimed a punch at Sasuke's head* *Sasuke dodged the punch and kicked Naruto right in the face before pulling out a kunai and stabbing him in the eye. Naruto then ran away crying.*

3. Don't Post Randomly. By this I mean that you need to keep posts in the right board. If you've got a question then post in the question board. If you want to make a character then post it in the character board. Simple yet effective.

4. No Random Advertisements. Yeah, nobody wants to go onto a weird site just cause you post the link to it. If you would like to advertise your forum, and only your forum then ask me and I'll check it out before I give it the go ahead. Break this one and you face the wrath of 1,000 Years of Pain.

5. Label Your Topics. What I mean is if you're going to have a mature topic then have the word mature in the title. If you are looking for a certain gender to reply then post that in there as well. Example of such title would be, "A Shinobi's Life (Mature/F)" The "F" Stands for female, a "M" would be male.

Yeah, that's all I think. Like I said, easy going.
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The General Rules
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